Name Role Contact
Jiří Louda Czech coordinator
Patrik Šimůnek Czech assistant
Amela Ajanovic Austrian coordinator
Nikolaus Houben Austrian assistant


Spring School 28th-30th April (online)

Programme, readings and lectures

Spring School_programme.pdf Programme of Spring School (online)
Haas_Ajanovic_Intro to Energy Systems 2021.pdf Introduction to “Energy Systems“(Reinhard Haas, Amela Ajanovic; 28th April)
Knapek_Biomass_2021.pdf Biomass as a major RE carrier (Jaroslav Knapek, 28th April)
Ajanovic_Seminar papers and Topics_B.pdf How to Write a Seminar or Research Paper + Topics for Seminar papers (Amela Ajanovic, 28th April)
Haas_Energy Economics.pdf Basics of Energy Ecomics (Reinhard Haas, 29th April)
Knapek_HEATdemand_2021.pdf Basics of Heat Energy Demand (Jaroslav Knapek, 29th April)
Knapek_Biomass 2021.pdf Biomass in Europe (Jaroslav Knapek 29th April)
Haas_Eletricity Markets.pdf Electricity Markets, and the Role of Renewables & Nuclear (Reinhard Haas, 29th April)

Seminar papers

Guidelines, drafts and final version of seminar papers

Paper guidelines 2021.docx TEMPLATE and GUIDELINES for seminar papers
Topics_final + schedule.xlsx Students teams, topics of paper, schedule of the semester
Seminar_paper_Duskova-Topalovic.pdf Seminar paper - Petra Dušková and Zejneba Topalović: The relevance and costs of short vs long-term storage
Presentation_Duskova-Topalovic.pdf Final presentation of Petra Dušková and Zejneba Topalović
Seminar_paper_Bruck-Bim.pdf Seminar paper – Axel Bruck, and Jiří Bim: Comparing CZ and AT NECP, New challenges resulting from Green Deal
Presentation_Bruck-Bim.pdf Presentation of Axel Bruck, Jiří Bim
Seminar_paper__Bottecchia-Rozanek.pdf Seminar paper - Luigi Bottecchia and Matous Rozanek: The effects of policy frameworks in achieving energy savings in the building sector in Austria and Czech Republic
Presentaion_Bottecchia-Rozanek.pdf Presentation of Luigi Bottecchia and Matous Rozanek
Seminar_paper_Skulina- Roccasalvo.pdf Seminar paper - Jakub Skulina and Gianluca Roccasalvo: Revaluation of biomass potential under the perspective of the new sustainability challenges
Presentation_Skulina- Roccasalvo.pdf Presentation of Jakub Skulina and Gianluca Roccasalvo
Seminar_paper_Hegyi-Salonen.pdf Seminar paper - Bence F. Hegyi and Markus Salonen: Active Distribution Networks - Roles and Challenges
Presentation_Hegyi-Salonen.pdf Presentation of Bence F. Hegyi and Markus Salonen
Seminar_paper_Fuchsberger-Stepanek.pdf Seminar paper Johannes Fuchsberger and Matěj Štěpánek: Electric VS Gasoline Vehicles: Costs, Fuel & Electricity Prices, Taxes
Presentation_Fuchsberger-Stepanek.pdf Presentation of Johannes Fuchsberger and Matěj Štěpánek
Seminar_paper_Domingo-Behal.pdf Seminar paper - Gabriela Rubio-Domingo and Daniel Běhal: Transport Policies: National and EU Policies
Presentation_ Domingo-Behal.pdf Presentation of Gabriela Rubio-Domingo and Daniel Běhal

Summer School 28th June-1st July (online)

Programme, readings and lectures

Harasek_Biomass_Biofuels.pdf Biomass Utilization & Sustainability of Biofuels (Michael Harasek, 30th June)
Knapek_Biomass.pdf Biomass within the concept of changing energy markets (Jaroslav Knápek, 30th June)
Haas_Challenges Eletricity Markets.pdf New Challenges in Eletrcity Markets (Reinhard Haas, 30th June)
Jilkova_Energy and Environmental Policy.pdf Energy and Environmental Policy: Costs and Benefits (Jiřina Jílková, 30th June)
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