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Michaela Ourednikova Czech coordinator
Brigitte Gebetsroither Austrian assistant
Christian Steinreiber Austrian coordinator
Vera Haberfellner Austrian assistant


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Seminar papers

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Topics of seminar papers.doc List of topics + advisors
Bartik+Niemetz.pdf Bartik + Niemetz, final paper
Benda+Kanduth+Malzer.pdf Benda + Kanduth + Malzer, final paper
Bores+Senzenberger.doc Boreš + Senzenberger, final paper
Jurcicek+Tomanschger.pdf Jurčíček + Tomanschger, final paper
Klokocka+Trummer.doc Klokočka + Trummer, final paper Lacina + Ebner-Ornig, final paper
Novotna+Toeglhofer.pdf Novotná + Toeglhofer, final paper
Panek+Janach.doc Pánek + Janach, final paper
Valentova+Sbaschnigg.rtf Valentová + Sbaschnigg, final paper

Winter school

program + lessons description

program.pdf Program
lectures.doc Description of lectures

Summer school

program + lessons description

programme.pdf time schedule

Winter school - presentations

Winter School ? Graz, February, 12-18, 2006, presentations

Haas_energy.ppt Reinhard Haas
Energy Economics ? Basics
Haas_electricity.ppt Reinhard Haas
The (Continental) European Electricity Market
energy_systems.ppt Jiřina Jílková, Christian Steinreiber
Energy systems ? Status quo and Outlook
eea_indicators.ppt Jiřina Jílková, Christian Steinreiber
EEA Core Set of Indicators
sources.ppt Jaroslav Knápek
System Aspects of Renewable Energy Sources and Promotion Schemes
energy.pdf Wolfgang Streicher
Energy Efficiency in Buildings
integration.pdf Wolfgang Streicher
Integration of Solar Thermal Systems
systems.pdf Wolfgang Streicher
User Friendly Heating Systems
future.pdf Markus Rachocha
The Future of Energy Systems in Austria and the Czech Republic

Winter school - readings

Winter School ? Graz, February, 12-18, 2006, readings

haas_et_al_2005.pdf Reinhard Haas
Competition in the Continental European Electricity Market: Despair or Work in Progress?
4th_benchmarking_report_en.pdf Reinhard Haas
Annual Report on the Implementation of the Gas and Electricity Internal Market (by the Commision)
4th_benchmarking_report_en_annexes.pdf Reinhard Haas
Annual Report on the Implementation of the Gas and Electricity Internal Market ? technical annexes (by the Commision)
structure.doc Jiřina Jílková, Christian Steinreiber
Structures and dynamics of energy systems ? A comparative analysis
support_mechanism.pdf Jaroslav Knápek
Analysis of Trade-Offs between Different Support Mechanisms
greenpaper_EU.pdf Jaroslav Knápek
Towards a European strategy for the security of energy supply
EU_directive.pdf Jaroslav Knápek
Directive 2001/77/EC of the European Parliament And of the Council of 27 September 2001 on the promotion of electricity produced from renewable energy sources in the internal electricity market
EUSun2004.pdf Wolfgang Streicher
User Friendly Heating Systems for Low energy and Passive Multi Family Buildings
EUbuildingdirective.pdf Wolfgang Streicher
EU Directive on the the overall energy performance of buildings (EPBD) and its effect on the planning of buildings
czat.pdf Wolfgang Streicher
Experience with building programs State of the art of energy efficiency of new and refurbished buildings: A comparative survey of the present situation in the Czech Republic and Austria

Summer school - presentations

Summer School - Prague, July, 9-15, 2006, presentations

JJ_emission trading-06-07-11.ppt Jiřina Jílková
Tradable Permits and Energy Taxes
Energy Systems.pdf Stefan Schleicher - Structure and Dynamics of Energy Systems, Comparative Analysis
EPBD_directive_presentation.pdf Wolfgang Streicher - EU Directive on the Overall Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD)
RES-E Jaroslav Knápek - Economic Effectiveness of RES-E Projects
Eiper_EN ISO.pdf Wolfgang Streicher - Thomas Eiper: EN ISO 13790 "TRNSYS"
Vis_Implementing the EU Directive_April 2004.ppt Tomáš Chmelík - Peter Vis: Implementing the Emissions Trading Directive (2004)
Zapfel_Commission Guidance on Allocation_2004.ppt Tomáš Chmelík - Peter Zapfel: Commission Guidance on Allocation and Force Majeure (2004)
Zapfel_Allocation of Emission Allowances_2003.ppt Tomáš Chmelík - Peter Zapfel: Allocation of Emission Allowances (2003)

2007 Winter School Prague

lectures description

Schleicher_Lecture.doc lecture description
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