Name Role
Jiří Louda Czech coordinator
Lenka Zemková Czech assistant
Sara Fritz Austrian Coordinator


Course description

Basic information and contacts

List_of_Participants2016.xlsx Contacts on professors and students
AssessmentRubric.doc How will be the course evaluated

Winter School in Prague

Programme, readings and lectures

Energy policy - winterschool_Smejkal.pdf National and International Energy Policy (Ing. Tomáš Smejkal; 2nd February)
WINTERSCHOOL_PRAHA_ELE_2016.pdf Electricity markets, and the role of renewables & nuclear (Prof. Reinhard Haas; 2nd February)
Winter_Summer_e_eff_build_renew_2016.pdf Low Energy Buildings and Renewable Energy Use (Wolfgang Streicher; 3rd February)
Knapek_Biomass_Potential_CZAT_2016.pdf Biomass – potentials, effective way of utilization(Jaroslav Knápek; 3rd February)

Summer School in Vienna

Programme, readings and lectures

Costs_of_envi_regulation_2016.pdf Costs of environenmental regulation (Mgr. Ladislav Sobotka)
2016_Biomass_Biofuels_Harasek.pdf Biomass Utilization & Sustainability of Biofuels (Michael Harasek)
Ajanovic_Energy and CO2Emissions in Transport.pdf Energy and CO2 Emissions in Transport (Amela Ajanovic)
Summerschool_Elema_2016.pdf New challengesin electricity markets (Prof. Reinhard Haas)

Seminar papers

Guidelines, drafts and final version of seminar papers

PaperGuidelines- template_2016.doc How to write your paper; TEMPLATE for your paper
Topics-Participants.xlsx Topics of papers, supervisors
Team1.pdf Tobias Hofer, Karim Abdul Issakar: Energy savings potential in czech republic and austria
Team2.pdf Jose David Alvarez, Eliska Fujlerova: Smart Cities: State of Art and Comparison
Team3.docx Ludwig Willingshofer, Olha Khymych: E-mobility in urban areas: comparison of policies and lessons learned
Team4.pdf Johannes Dissauer, Amna Farooq Husain: Economics of e-mobility: costs, fuel and electricity prices, taxes
Team5.pdf Jakob Aichinger, Alp Arslan Suleymanli: Biomass potentials
Team6.pdf Sebastian Ehrmann, Jan Purchard: State of biofuels: difference in types, quantities, feedstocks costs (2000-2015)
Team7.doc Erik Budanov, Ani Revazyan: The economics of small decentralized pv-systems
Team8.pdf Gerhard karlicek, Viktoria Sorocinova: Promoting renewables in electricity: targets, strategies, costs by technology
Team9.pdf Behzad Parvin, Marcel Tkacik: Promoting renewables in transport: targets, strategies, costs by technology
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