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Energy for Sustainable Development IV: Evidence from Czech Republic and Austria (Jaroslav Knápek, Amela Ajanovic, Reihard Haas et al.), published in 2015

Content of the book:
  • Energy Supply, Energy Consumption and the Environment: the Czech Republic and Austria in an International Context
  • Trends in Renewable Electricity and Corresponding Support Costs in the EU-28 with a Special Focus on the Czech Republic and Austria
  • Biomass Potential – Biofuels in the Czech Republic
  • Potentials of Biomass and Biofuels in Austria
  • Competitiveness of Intentionally Planted Biomass for Energy Purposes
  • Recent Changes and Future Challenges on European Electricity Markets
  • Modelling and Forecasting Spot Electricity Prices and Their Volatility
  • Economic Evaluation of Energy Storage Using the Power Deviation Prices – the Load Diagram Pricing Method
  • Energy Demand and greenhouse Gas Emissions of Buildings in Austria
  • Comparing Major Trends in Passenger Car Transport in Austria and the Czech Republic

Energy for Sustainable Development III: Energy Savings-Economics and Links to other Policies (Jaroslav Knápek, Wolfgang Streicher, Ondřej Vojáček et al.), published in 2012

Content of the book:
  • Energy Autarky for Austria in 2050
  • Interlinkages and effective coordination of clean air, climate protection and energy efficiency policies using the abatement cost concept
  • Increasing the energy efficiency in the Czech Republic: subsidy schemes and their evaluation
  • Comprehensive economic evaluation of support to energy savings projects
  • Effective policies to reach the 20-20-20 target: biomass use for energy purposes in the Czech Republic

Energy for Sustainable Development II: Research Papers of the Czech-Austrian Energy Expert Group (Jaroslav Knápek, Reinhard Haas, Jiřina Jílková et al.), published in 2010

Content of the book:
Part A - Energy and environmental policy
  • A sustainable economy beyond GDP and beyond energy consumption
  • Climate change and air quality policy: synergies and trade-offs
  • Development of residential energy consumption—a comparison of “East” and “West” applied to Czech Republic and Austria
  • Concept of “energy poverty” and multi-dimensional perspectives of social inequalities and their impacts: Case of the Czech and Slovak republics
  • Impact of the EU emission trading system on microeconomic level
  • Nuclear power plant of Temelín (social dimension)
Part B - Electricity Market
  • Rising energy prices and their impact on household income and energy consumption from the Czech and Austrian perspective
  • The central European electricity market: Signs of full integration?
  • Methodology of analysis of biomass potential using GIS
Part C - Renewable energy
  • Biomass use and cross-border trade in Central Europe - Recent developments and future prospects Prospects for renewables in the Czech Republic and Austria with special focus on biomass
Part D - Transport
  • Energy consumption for passenger transport—a comparison of “East” and “West” applied to CZ and AT
Part E - Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Energy effciency of buildings—a win-win-strategy

Energy for Sustainable Development: Research Papers of the Czech-Austrian Energy Expert Group (edited by František Janouch and Stefan Schleicher), published in 2005

Content of the book:
  • Foreword
  • The Energy Strategy of the Czech Republic
  • The Energy Strategy of Austria
  • The Czech and Austrian Energy Systems in European Perspective
  • Promoting renewables for electricity generation
  • Energy efficiency of new and refurbished buildings
  • Biomass potential and sustainable production

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