Name Role
Jiří Louda Czech coordinator
Lenka Zemková Czech assistant
Jasmine Ramsebner Austrian Coordinator


Course description

Basic information about course evaluation

AssessmentRubric.doc How will be the course evaluated

Winter School in Prague

Programme, readings and lectures

Programme_Winter School_Prague.pdf Programme of Winter School in Prague
Haas et al_Energy Systems_INTRO_2018.pdf Introduction to “Energy Systems“ (Reinhard Haas, Amela Ajanovic; 4th February)
Knapek_Heating_an introduction.pdf Heating: An Introduction (Jaroslav Knapek, 7th February)
Haas_ Electricity Martkets.pdf Electricity Markets and the Role Of Renewables & Nuclear (Reinhard Haas, 6th February)
Ajanovic_Transport.pdf Energy and CO2 Emissions in Transport (Amela Ajannovic, 6th February)
How to write papers_2018.pdf How to Write a Research Paper (Reinhard Haas, 4th February)
Seminar papers - topics.pdf Topics for Seminar Papers (Reinhard Haas, Amela Ajanovic, 6th February)
Smejkal_Energy Policy.pdf National and International Energy Policy (Tomas Smejkal, 8th February)

Summer School in Vienna

Programme, readings and lectures

Programme_Summer School_Vienna.pdf Programme of Summer School in Vienna
Knapek_Recent developments on EU electricity markets.pdf Recent developments on EU electricity markets (Jaroslav Knápek, 18th June)
Haas_New challenges in electricity markets.pdf New challenges in electricity markets (Reinhard Haas, 19th June)
Bartuska_Energy_security.pdf Energy security for the times of affluence (Vaclav Bartuska, 19th June)
Knapek_Biomass in Europe.pdf Biomass in Europe (Jaroslav Knapek, 21st June)
Grunner_Sustainable Buildings1.pdf Sustainable Buildings (Roman Grünner, 22th June)

Seminar papers

Guidelines, drafts and final version of seminar papers

PaperGuidelines- template_2018.doc How to write your paper; TEMPLATE for your paper
Seminar_paper_Kowalska_Vodnansky.pdf Natalia Kowalska, Michal Vodnansky: A Comparison of the Development of Pv-Systems Over Time in Czech Republic and Austria
Seminar_paper_Marishkina_Mojtaba.pdf Iuliia Marishkina, Pouyan Mojtaba: Features of energy integration of the EU countries
Seminar_paper_Horak_Themessl_Vrbkova.pdf Promoting Renewable Energy: targets, costs, strategies, by technology 2005-2017
Seminar_paper_Precechtel_Gregor.pdf Simon Precechtel, Jakub Gregor: International electricity exchange in Central and Western Europe: Problems and Challenges
Seminar_paper_Brueser.pdf Maria-Luisa Brüser: Barriers to marketability of PV in Austria
Seminar_paper_Muravyer_Dvoracek.pdf Dmitry Muravyev, Lukáš Dvořáček: Sharing energy storage and decentralized PV systems
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