Name Role
Louda Jiří Czech coordinator
Tauferová Michaela Czech assistant
Haberfellner Vera Austrian coordinator
Gebetsroither Brigitte Austrian assistant


Course decription

basic informations and contacts

course_description[1].doc basic information
programm_final_2009.xls programm of the Winter School

Winter School in Prague

program and lectures

Haas_Electricity_economics-lessons_learned_from_liberalising_the_european _electricity_market.ppt Prof. Haas presentation - February 2nd
Ajanovic_Energy_Economics and_the_Environment_in_Transport.ppt Dr. Ajanovic presentation - February 2nd
Schleicher_Comparative_analysis of_EU_energy_systems.ppt Prof. Streicher presentation - February 3rd
Jilkova_Data_+_Information_Sources.ppt Prof. Jilkova presentation - February 3rd
Knapek_International_Comparison Eastern_&_Western_Europe.ppt Doc. Knapek presentation - February 3rd
Streicher_Energy_efficiency_in buildings_and_new_technologies.pdf Prof. Streicher presentation - February 4th
Knapek_Renewable_Energy_Sources.ppt Doc. Knapek presentation - February 5th
Knapek_System Aspects_Of_Renewable_Energy Sources_And_Promotion_Schemes.ppt Doc. Knapek presentation - February 6th

Seminar papers

drafts and final versions of seminar papers

topics_of_paper.xls topics of seminar papers and research questions
PaperGuidelines.doc paper guidelines - How to write the seminar paper
Ainedter_Kreinz_Maly_hydropower eu aut cz final2.doc
Blodler_Pojer_Hanzlova_Paper_Electricity Households_20090609.doc
Kalkgruber_Ctrnacty_Energy Performance Contracting_final.doc
Kerekes_Balounova_The potential of individual transport efficiency.doc
Kolman_Kralik_Sobotka_CCS 090609.doc
Svensson_Knapkova_Polocko_Passive Houses Awareness and Economy2.doc

Summer School in Graz

program and lectures

Pictures_from_Graz.pdf Pictures shot by students
Gutschi_ Hydrogen_Technology.pdf Dipl. Ing. Gustschi presentation - 1st July
Jilkova-present_09-06-30.ppt prof. Jilkova presentation - 2nd July
Mandl_Green Biorefinery Satus_July 3.pdf Ing. Mandl presentation - 3rd July
Toeglhofer_climate and energy systems 2009.pdf prof.Toeghofer presentation - 29th June
Streicher_Technical Soluation_of_Renewables_heat.pdf Prof. Streicher presentation - 30th June

Students´ presentations

final versions of students´ presentations

CCS SOBOTKA KOLLMAN KRALIK.ppt Carbon capture and storage
EPC - Graz_15.06.09 CTRNACTY, KALKGRUBER.ppt energy performance contracting
Passive Houses KNAPKOVA, PALOCKO, SVENSSON.ppt passive houses
Possibilities to safe electricity for householdsl BLODER, HANZLOVA, POJER.ppt possibilities of safe electricity
Power Point_Sustainable Aviation_final TAUPE, TAUFEROVA,REINDL.ppt sustainable aviation
The Potential of individual transport efficiency BALOUNOVA, KEREKES.ppt individual transportation
w-s school OSLEJSEK ZWANZIGER.ppt renewable energy sources
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