Winter and Summer School

Winter and Summer School is open to students from all universities in Austria and Czech Republic. Our experience is, that most students are from University of Graz, University of Technology Graz, Vienna University of Technology, University of Economics Prague, Czech Technical University in Prague and Charles University in Prague. Winter School will take place in Prague, Summer School in Vienna. Winter and Summer School is a perfect way for students to get to know more about the situation in the field of energy in Austria and the Czech Republic. The Winter School is organized in Prague and the Summer School in Vienna. Time between Winter and Summer school will be used to work on bilateral seminar papers, where paired Austrian & Czech students will analyze the situation in their home country and put it together in one paper which will be presented at the Summer School. Thanks to the Winter and Summer School - students will therefore get an experience of bilateral collaboration and improve their presentation skills. The whole Winter and Summer School is taught in English and the final paper is in the same language. There are prepared lectures for students by participating experts from Czech-Austrian Energy Expert Group (CZ-AT EEG). During the lectures topics are focused on renewable energy resources, different ways of their use, advantages and disadvantages of their use, finance and related cost associated with different energy policies, etc. The lectures are followed by open discussion. Knowledge already acquired by students are extended by illustrative examples of practice during the planned excursion. At the beginning of the Winter School students choose a topic from the area of energy policy of a global or international Czech-Austrian point of view. Based on the similarity of the topics students create a bilateral couples to write a common paper. Students' paper is written in English. Each couple gets the supervisor from the team of participating experts according to the selected topic. The students are writing the papers in the period between Winter and Summer School. Summer School is held in Vienna. There are prepared lectures for the students, which follow up by their content on lectures and discussions of the winter school in Prague. The newly acquired theoretical knowledge is again supplemented by practical application in the form of excursion. Papers processed by bilateral pairs of students are presented during the summer school to other students and experts.

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