Name Role
Jiří Louda Czech coordinator
Lenka Zemková Czech assistant
Agné Toleikyté Austrian Coordinator


Course description

Basic information and contacts

Participants2017.xlsx Contacts on professors and students
AssessmentRubric.doc How will be the course evaluated

Winter School in Prague

Programme, readings and lectures

Emobility.pdf ČEZ E-Mobility pilot project (Tomáš Chmelík; 2nd February)
Electricity markets.pptx Electricity markets, and the role of renewables & nuclear (Reinhard Haas; 2nd February)
Energy and Emissions.pdf Energy and CO2 Emissions in Transport (Amela Ajanovic; 2nd February)
Transaction costs.pdf Transaction Costs Case Study Czech Republic (Michaela Valentová; 2nd February)
National and International Energy.pdf National and International Energy (Tomáš Smejkal; 2nd February)
Biomass2017.ppt Progress in research on biomass (Jaroslav Knápek; 3rd February)
How to Write a Research Paper.pptx How to Write a Research Paper (Amela Ajanovic)
Introduction to energy systems.pptx How to Write a Research Paper (Reinhard Haas, Amela Ajanovic)
Energy systems.ppt Energy systems

Summer School in Vienna

Programme, readings and lectures

Biomass in Europe.ppt Biomass in Europe (Jaroslav Knápek)
PoweMarket.pdf Recent developments on EU electricity markets (Jaroslav Knápek)
Energy-Environment.ppt Energy and Environment in the EU – How much does the regulation cost? (Jiřina Jílková; 29th May)
Czech Energy Market.pdf Czech Energy Market in European context (Július Bemš, Jaroslav Knápek, Tomáš Králík)
Electricity markets.pptx New challenges in electricity markets (Reinhard Haas)
Bidding Zones.pdf Bidding Zones

Seminar papers

Guidelines, drafts and final version of seminar papers

PaperGuidelines- template_2017.doc How to write your paper; TEMPLATE for your paper
Team1.pdf Aminata Fall, Jakub Miňo: GHG Reduction policies in urban areas
Team2.pdf Farshid Sheikhalizade, Jakub Sýkora: Electricity markets: market coupling vs market splitting
Team3.pdf Javad Talesh Lar, Assylbek Igissenov, Karol Cruz: Promoting renewable energy: targets; strategies, costs, by technology (2005-2015)
Team4.pdf Eisazadeh Mohammadsadigh, David Hampl: The economics of small decentralized pv-systems
Team5.pdf Ali Manafi Miralilo, Miroslav Mengr: The economics of small decentralized pv-systems
Team7.pdf Mahdi Omidi, Tomáš Jirka: The relevance and costs of short vs long-term storage
Team9.pdf Imaan Jooya, Jan Kroneisl: E-mobility in urban areas: comparison of policies and lessons learned (DE,AT,CZ,NO)
Team9.pdf Vukola Milenkovic, Nikola Sagapova: Economics of e-mobility: costs, fuel & electricity prices, taxes
Team8.pdf Lukas Wachter, Petr Krautwurm: Energy efficiency and waste heat utilization in cz and at
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