Discussion seminar: Energy efficiency policies toward 2030 - opportunities and challenges for Central Europe

Date and venue 26 November 2018, How2Base Hall, Prague

The transition towards clean energy has been advanced by the European Commission`s Winter Package in 2016, triggering the debate on the 2030 climate and energy efficiency targets and policies which will help to attain them. It has become clear that the upcoming changes will both need a policy shift as well as trigger substantial amounts of investment. With a focus on Central and Eastern Europe the conference brings together experts from diverse backgrounds and entities to share their view on the new paths and solutions necessary to keep up with the challenges and seize the opportunities brought by the 2030 aims.

Welcome and Introduction
Jaroslav Knapek, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
Georg Zehetner, Embassy of the Republic of Austria in Prague, Austria

Keynote speech:
Energy Efficiency, Energy Conservation and Possible Backlashes (download)

Reinhard Haas, Institute of Energy Systems and Electric Drives, Vienna University of Technology in Vienna, Austria

Section 1: Opportunities and challenges to energy efficiency targets after 2020 in CE
Energy Efficiency Obligation after 2020 (download)

Jan Ciampor, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
Energy efficiency and savings in building sector 2021 - 2030 (download)
Pavel Zamyslicky, Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
Cost-effective approach, or political theatre? (download)
Vaclav Bartuska, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
Energy efficiency AS IS and TO BE after 2020 in individual sectors in Slovakia (download)
Peter Drotar, Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic
The new Austrian Climate and Energy Strategy (download)
Gunter Pauritsch, Austrian Energy Agency, Austria

Section 2: Innovative support to energy efficiency: barriers and best practices
Financing energy efficiency: the view of the state budget

Hana Slavickova, Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic
EPC market survey: barriers, drivers and potential benefits from
quality assurance (download)

Jana Szomolanyiova, SEVEn, The Energy Efficiency Center, Czech Republic
Future in energy efficiency with financial instruments - Czech and Moravian
Guarantee and Development Bank

Petr Gross, Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank, Czech Republic
One-stop-shops: building renovations made easier (download)
Benigna Boza-Kiss, GreenDependent Institute and Central European University, Hungary
Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 (download)
Jean-Christophe Fueg, Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Switzerland

Section 3: Nearly Zero Energy Buildings: potential for savings and challenges for uptake, Train-to-NZEB
Nearly Zero Energy Buildings and its implementation in the
Czech Republic (download)

Jiri Karasek, SEVEn, The Energy Efficiency Center, Czech Republic
Overview of building renovation development towards NZEB in Slovakia (download)
Jan Magyar, Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency, Slovakia
Decarbonization - a big picture for communication (download)
Johannes Fechner, 17&4 Organisationsberatung, Austria

Section 4: Sustainable transport: 2030 policy framework
Energy efficiency in transport (download)

Amela Ajanovic, Institute of Energy Systems and Electric Drives, Vienna University of Technology in Vienna, Austria
Attitudes of key stakeholders towards sustainable mobility in
Czech cities (download)

Eliska Vejchodska, Jan Evangelista Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic
Strategic mobility planning and e-mobility development:
case study of Litomerice (download)

Hana Bruhova, City of Litomerice and IREAS, Institute for Structural Policy, Czech Republic
Sustainable urban transport in Czech cities and its support
with regards to the size of cities (download)

Dita Eyblova, Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic
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