Discussion seminar

Date and venue 3 September 2007, Prague
Selected presentations
Competition in CEE electricity markets? Lessons learned from the Czech and Austrian point-of-view, Reinhard Haas & Christian Redl & Jaroslav Knápek (download)

Rising energy prices – impact on households available income and energy consumption from the Czech and Austrian point-of-view (in the European context), Reinhard Haas & Jaroslav Knápek & Amela Ajanovic & František Janouch (download)

Comparing Austria and Czech Republic, Jiřina Jílková (download)

RES support and electricity market - CZ news, Jaroslav Knápek (download)

Structural Energy and Emissions Indicators for the EU-27, Gregor Thenius & Stefan P. Schleicher (download)

Stringency and Distribution in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme: First evidence, Claudia Kettner & Angela Köppl & Stefan P. Schleicher & Gregor Thenius (download)

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