Discussion seminar

Date and venue November 2009, Vienna
Selected presentations
Prospects and impediments for biofuels in Europe with special focus on Austria, Amela Ajanovic (download)

Why Sustainable Development, Roman Grünner & Martin Treberspurg (download)

Sustainability monitoring of passive-houses in Vienna, Roman Grünner & Martin Treberspurg (download)

The EU Emission Trading Scheme – Stringency of the Caps in the first Trading Years, Claudia Kettner (download)

Czech energy policy 2009 proposal, Jaroslav Knápek (download)

Current status of RES utilization for power generation in the Czech Republic, Jaroslav Knápek (download)

Strategies for the Transition to Low Energy and Low Emission Structures, Koeppl (download)

What transition for our energy system?, Stefan P. Schleicher (download)

Climate Change Policy in the Czech Republic, Michaela Valentová (download)

SimTool Product Introduction, Ondřej Vojáček (download)

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