Name Role
Jiří Louda Czech coordinator
Lenka Zemková Czech assistant
Jasmine Ramsebner Austrian Coordinator


Course description

Basic information about course evaluation

AssessmentRubric.doc How will be the course evaluated

Winter School in Prague

Programme, readings and lectures

Programme_Winter School_Prague.pdf Programme of Winter School in Prague
Haas_Ajanovic_Intro to Energy Systems.pdf Introduction to “Energy Systems“(Reinhard Haas, Amela Ajanovic; 3rd February)
How to Write a Research Paper.pdf How to Write a Seminar or Research Paper (Reinhard Haas and Amela Ajanovic, 3rd February)
Haas_Electricity Markets and the Role of Renewables & Nuclear.pdf Electricity Markets and the Role Of Renewables & Nuclear (Reinhard Haas, 4th February)
Ajanovic_Energy Economics in Transport_Intro.pdf Energy Economics in Transport – an Introduction (Amela Ajannovic, 4th February)
Vrba_The new faces of electrical power networks coordination.pdf The New Faces of Electrical Power Networks Coordination (Miroslav Vrba, 5th February)
Knapek_Biomass in Europe.pdf Biomass in Europe (Jaroslav Knapek, 6th February)
Smejkal_What is shaping the energy policy.pdf What is shaping the energy policy (Tomas Smejkal, 7th February)

Summer School in Vienna

Programme, readings and lectures

Programme_Vienna_CZ-AT_2020.pdf Programme of Summer School in Vienna
Knapek_Recent developments on EU power markets.pdf Recent developments Power Markets: Recent Developments (Jaroslav Knapek, 15th June)
Haas_New challenges in electricity markets.pdf New challenges in electricity markets (Reinhard Haas, 16th June)
Harasek_Biomass technologies.pdf Biomass Utilization & Sustainability of Biofuels (Michael Harasek, 16th June)
Ajanovic_Energy and transport.pdf Energy &Transport: Prospects for hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles (Amela Ajanovic, 16th June)
Jilkova_Energy and environment.pdf Energy and Environment: How much does the regulation cost? (Jirina Jilkova, 17th June)
Knapek_Biomass in Europe II.pdf Biomass II - competition between conventional and energy crops (Jaroslav Knapek, 18th June)
Grunner_Sustainable Buildings.pdf Sustainable Buildings (Roman GrĂĽnner, 19th June)

Seminar papers

Guidelines, drafts and final version of seminar papers

Paper guidelines 2020.docx TEMPLATE for seminar papers
Seminar paper_Promoting Renewable Electricity_Final.pdf Irma Imamovic, Arturo Montes de Oca Zapiain: Promoting Renewable Electricity: Targets, Strategies, by Technology (2005 – 2019)
Seminar paper_Comparison of the Price of an 5kWp PV-System in Austria and Czech Republic including subsidies.pdf Michael Turetschek, Patrik Ĺ imĹŻnek: Comparison of the Price of an 5 kWp PV-System in Austria and Czech Republic including subsidies
Seminar paper_Energy communities_Stejskalova.pdf Rozálie Stejskalová, Anik Lehman, Zeynep üstüner: Energy Communities: Status Quo, Opportunities and Barriers.
Seminar paper_E-mobility in urban areas comparison and lessons learned.pdf Nika MartinoviÄŤ, Milan Klempay: E-mobility in urban areas: Comparison and lessons learned
Seminar paper_Electric_Auto.pdf Sahar Ashjaei Khamaneh, Peter Schinnerl, Jan Skála: Electric vs Gasoline Vehicles: Cost, Fuel & Elektricity Prices, Taxes
Seminar paper_Dunovski Zochling_final paper.pdf Dean Dunovski, Benedikt Zöchling: Comparison of the NECPs of the Czech Republik and Austria concerning elektricity infrastructure
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